Jack Turner – Press Photographer

Jack Turner - Press Photographer.

Jack Turner - Press Photographer. 1914

How great is this image? Jack Turner, press photographer nearly a hundred years ago. Suitcase-sized camera slung over his shoulder, cigar clamped between his teeth, bowler hat, and that wonderful expression.

Old photos are so often sombre affairs, I love when they’re full of character and show their subjects as real people, instead of “olden day” people from some time so distant that they were nothing like us.

P.S. A little further research uncovers Ted Hood, the photographer who took the photograph above.

Ted Hood photographing Leo Basser. 1937

Didn’t they look so ultra suave in those days? I want his hat and his jacket and his gorgeous camera, and I want to be a slick photographer just like him… except… you know, less stubble.


2 thoughts on “Jack Turner – Press Photographer

  1. Oh, I love these! I’d like a camera box just like in the top photo, please. And I especially like Ted Hood’s smile, sort of predictably.

    As for old photographs being sombre, I’ll direct you here, to a really amazing photo set from 1935-1944, voila! This one and this one are my favourites I think. And look, an old fashioned camera set up! And the rather dashing photographer!

    I’m going to stop flooding you with links now.

  2. Just found your site after doing a google search on Ted Hood. He was my great uncle and took some amazing photos during his career. Some of his pictures taken during the building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are amazing when you think of where he had to put himself to get the image – precarious to say the least. Thanks for the above image which I have never seen before!

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