Sunshine and Imperfection

A few weekends ago, I was helping I was helping a friend with a music video project. Filming with him is always fun, he’s great to work with, and he has a drool-worthy range of equipment that I would be over the moon to own. As the day went on, however, I found myself getting frustrated by the… I don’t know… the preciseness of everything I guess.

Being a professional filmmaker, at least in projects like this, makes it all about using the perfect lens and ticking shots off the shot list. I missed the spontaneity of my usual photographic style. (My filming and my photography are interchangeable in my mind,  the only difference I see between the two is that one of them moves.)

A few days later I went to stay with my very lovely friend in the fields of Norfolk, and we made our own film using her D90. Shedding the constraints of perfection, we used purposely dodgey, over-saturated colour settings to shoot shaky, handheld footage through a lens that had a smashed UV filter. We captured snippets of anything that caught our eye as we wandered through fields, jumped into rivers and trailed along the beach. It was so freeing and so, so much fun.

The finished video is imperfect, and I love that every moment is entirely unique to us. A four minute window into our very own summertime.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Imperfection

  1. So nice to read a post from you again after your break!

    I’m definitely not a fan of preciseness, and I think we need to work out more ways to produce a hazy, lip-balmy stylee. Tights, maybe? Paint?

    Maybe we should buy some more filters to ruin.


    • Oh tights!! Like off of the olden days! And definitely more filters. Yes yes please.
      Lets make a little film in London when you’re here maybe? In between other adventures. xxxx

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