Autumn Walk

The days are drawing in closer, and nights are growing long and cold.

I took advantage of a rare Saturday off work and went for walk in the woods with my brother to enjoy the last of the autumn.

Red leaves with text "...pavements crunch underfoot..."

(Photo taken at 1/320, f/6.3, ISO 320)

I love this season. It may be cold, but the colours are rich, the air is crisp and loaded with the rich smell of the fallen leaves that drift into heaps by the side of pathways. I refuse to grow out of jumping in these drifts, far too much fun.

Feet walking through autumn leaves.

(Photo taken at 1/60, f/5.6, ISO 320)

Two photos of Dayal in the autumn woods, one of him walking and one with him standing with a quizzical expression.

(Photos taken at 1/125, f/4.5, ISO 320)

Dayal was dressed sharp for my camera, which drew curious looks from the dog-walkers who passed us.

A contrast portrait of Dayal standing in the woods wearing a hat, taken in autumn.

(Photo taken at 1/125, f/4.5, ISO 320)

When we were young we had names for many of the trees in these woods, and built little pixie armies out of the beech nut shells that carpet the ground. It was funny to see my little brother in such a familiar setting, but looking so grown up.

A black and white portrait of Dayal with his hand on a tree, taken in the woods in autumn.

(Photo taken at 1/50, f/5.6, ISO 300)

Some leaves that autumn missed…

The sun shining through a leaf, showing all the veins

(Photo taken at 1/1000, f/7.1, ISO 320)

Dayal walking through trees in reddish tinted woods, surrounded by haze.

(Photo taken at 1/60, f/5.6, ISO 320)

All in all, it was a lovely walk.


3 thoughts on “Autumn Walk

  1. Oh, there’s so many lovely photos here! I love the last two especially, such gorgeous colours.

    I love autumn too, although here it feels more like winter at the moment!

    At least I have your photos of autumn leaves and can pretend it’s like that here too. Oh, I’m glad you’re posting agaain! xxxx

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