A Thanks-Filled Thursday

Today was one of those highly strung days where every tiny little thing explodes into a massive, towering catastrophe in the time it takes for me to blink.

I broke my mac charger this morning with a horrifying “kkkkkrrrrrrrrkkkkk” sound (fixed, thank goodness, superglue, and my mum’s stash of fuses). And when it was time to leave for work I decided that the worst possible thing that could have happened to me was having to cycle in this morning’s dose of beautiful winter sunshine (I’ve been cycling in the freezing cold rain without a complaint (usually)). Plus a commute that, when both journeys are added together, ends up being almost as long as my shift at work (genuinely stressful when I have a website to design and blog posts to write). And theeen, oh it’s so awful I can hardly say it, my mum *gasp* didn’t buy the pasta stir-through that I didn’t tell her I wanted.

As you can see from this list of disasters, I lead a very difficult life…

On days like this I’ve learned that the only methods of survival are gentleness, treats and appreciating the little things.

icecream milkshake from the Shaken Coz in in St Albans

I got to work early and treated myself to an icecream milkshake (possible insanity in the temperatures we had today) and I sat in the sunshine, listening to the likes Billie Holiday, Tracey Chapman and Ella Fitzgerald lulling into one ear, and with the other ear I listened to birds singing around me. I closed my eyes in the sunshine and pretended it was summer. Of course my pretend summer only lasted as long as I could bear the cold of the icecream, the wind at the top of the hill, and the cold, cold air. Then I ran for cover and warmth, but it was very lovely while it did last.

Filed stamp cards from Caffe Nero

When I got home I indulged my inner OCD and filed all the business cards I’ve collected up over the years, and then added anything even roughly business card size… like these Caffe Nero reward cards. When you collect all 9 stamps, you get a free drink. Well, normal people do… I don’t. I collect the stamps, and then keep the card for a rainy day. I use them to get myself free treats on a bad day, or when I’m feeling sorry for myself. I have too many to keep in my purse at one time, so now I have them all nicely filed away for safe keeping.

Funny story about these. Half of them have actually been stolen from me and found their way home! My purse was pick-pocketed about 2 years ago. I had hardly any cash in there and I cancelled my bank cards. The only thing I was upset about was my ID, my Nero’s cards (aaall those lost stamps!), and the purse itself. Then I got a message on Facebook a few days later from a nice man who’d found my purse dumped near Leicester Square, with all my ID and cards still inside. He’d looked me up by name, and luckily I’m the only Vrinda Webb in the wide world of the web. He posted it back to me, and here they are! And that is why they are now neatly and obsessively filed instead of all being in my purse. I can’t risk losing them again, it would be too sad.

Now for things that have made me happy tonight…

Andre Rieu.

If you have seen one of his concerts, enough said. If not, watch one! I don’t think you even have to like classical music to like them. The atmosphere is infectious. Everything is bright and shiny, the orchestra members wear evening dress of the brightest colours, and the music stands are ornate gold. And he himself is a wonderfully charming ringleader, with such a love for his music that you can’t help but melt to it.

I’m listening to one of his albums on Spotify as I type this, and I can feel the music all the way to my toes. Happy.

Finally… on a crisp, cold night like tonight, the greatest comfort you can have is quality wool.

I’m so grateful for the pieces I have.

Striped merino cardigan from Gap

This is my favourite cardigan.. knee-length coziness, very well-worn, 100% merino wool. Whenever I’m cold, tired, or in the need of a little comfort, this is what I wear.

Mulberry cashmere Brora sock

Cashmere socks! From the deadly land of Brora, where everything is beautiful, and a cardigan can cost the same amount as a secondhand car. A treasured Christmas present that keeps my toes toasty warm.

Alpaca and lambswool blanket

And a blanket to top it all off and keep out any remaining chills. This is my huge and incredibly soft, warm and wonderful alpaca and lambswool blanket. A lucky find at a market stall when the sellers were new last spring. This Christmas the price for these blankets doubled to well over £100, meanwhile mine keeps me warm every day while I write, and every night while I sleep. It sheds, and makes it look like I own a cat if I go out wearing black, but that’s a price I’m happy to pay!

And what’s made me happiest of all is sitting down to write a blog post, and after deleting the initial rant (I refuse to be a negative ranty blogger. It’s the wrong part of my many-faceted mind to indulge, and anyway, why would you inflict that on people?) realising just how much I have to be grateful for, even in a day where I was so highly strung that it felt like the world was going to end at any moment.

And if you made it to the end of this long, rambling, not very pointful post, then I’m very grateful to you as well for sticking with me all this way. Tell me, what is something that you’re grateful for today?


One thought on “A Thanks-Filled Thursday

  1. Oh, your ice cream milkshake in the sunshine with pretty music sounds (and looks!) like the perfect cheer up treat. I thought when I read it pretending it was summer would be tricky but in the photo it really does look summery!

    And your Caffe Nero cards look lovely all filed away! I filled one today, finally, I think I have a few lying around with one or two stamps on them but nothing like your giant collection!

    I loved reading this post, and didn’t think it rambling at all. I am grateful for so many things I can’t count, but having something to read first thing in the morning again that makes me smiley, and waking up to sunshine today are some of them!

    And warm feet in cashmere socks!


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