spring blossom in Kew Gardens, London
(Photo taken at 1/800, f/2.2, ISO 200)

I have a simple little dream:

I want to change the world.

An idealistic statement, perhaps, like wishing for World Peace. But does that mean I shouldn’t try? Well, no.. I don’t believe so.

The reason I take photographs, and the reason I write, is because otherwise I think I may explode with trying to express everything I see around me. The incredible beauty of spring bursting into life, a touching gesture of kindness from a stranger, or some terrible sadness I see playing out before me.

With my camera I can capture those moments that would otherwise be lost or forgotten, I can attempt to show the world the way I see it, with its sparkling array of life, unexpected happenings, and the myriad unique personalities that I’m fortunate enough to encounter from day to day. And with my pen I can begin to decipher, digest and understand what I see.

Sometimes stress gets the better of me and I forget what I’m telling you now; that we are blessed with a beautiful planet to live on, and endless wonderful people to share it with. But when I realise I’ve lost my direction a little, all I have to do is look at work of photographers and writers I admire, and be reminded of how lucky I truly am, and of what is important to me.

It is my hope, my wish, my dream… that I can do this for others. The world will be a far better place when people stop walking around with their heads down, staring at their feet, and start to take notice of what is going on around them. When they revel in the goodness, and take action against the bad instead of turning a blind eye and hoping it will go away.

The only way any of us can change the world is by working on our little corners of it, and encouraging others to do the same.

I’m happy to do my bit… join me?


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