A Bess Pelau – by Macfarlane Film,

Several weeks ago I was the on-set photographer for the production of A Bess Pelau, a Macfarlane Film short.

A Bess Pelau main image

Marfarlane Film is a successful partnership composed of Robert Macfarlane as camera, director, editor, and general film mastermind, and his wonderful wife Lesley as manager, producer, supporter and right-hand woman.

Rob and Lesley of Macfarlane Film

At university I always knew that Rob was one of the choice few in our class who would create a solid life in the film world, and in the three years since we graduated he’s done nothing but prove me right with his endless hard work and dedication, a healthy dollop of creativity and talent, and a passion for making each project even better than the last.

A Bess Pelau is written by both Lesley and Rob for screening at film festivals in Trinidad and Tobago, and is a short comedy about a homesick young man learning how to fend for himself in chilly England. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this production, it was the perfect mix of hard work and harder laughs.

Rob Macfarlane filming A Bess Pelau

This production was a labour of love, and a proper family affair with Lesley’s mother voicing the unseen mother in the film, and her sister as the sound recordist.

Rob Macfarlane and Delesse Francis

Then of course there was the star of the film, the one and only visible actor, Joseph Brown who was a joy to work with. He played homesick beautifully, cooked extremely badly, and had ice cubes shoved down his back when we didn’t think he looked cold enough.

Joseph Brown, actor in A Bess Pelau - headshot

Two days of non-stop shooting, a slick edit job and some sound crafting, and the fledgling film was set free to find its way. It was quickly accepted for screening at the Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival ’12, where it will be shown in September, and has a lovely review in the Trinidad papers with my photos splashed nice and big across the centre of the page. Always heartening for a photographer to see.

Once the film has premiered at the film festival it will be viewable online, I can’t wait to show you. For now take a look through Rob’s music video work!


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