My Leap

seagull soaring into sunset over St James' Park, London

(Photo taken at: 1/1600, f/6.3 , ISO 400)

Oops, so I signed up for Nablopomo again this month, and on the first day I entirely forgot what the date was. I only remembered about five seconds ago. Well, time to catch up.

In Nablopomo there are themes for each month’s writing. These are to be used if helpful, or ignored if not. Last time I attempted this challenge, I ignored the theme almost entirely. This month I feel it calling to me. June’s theme is “Jump”. This feels very fitting to me, as I sit here with three days left of work, and a gaping chasm where just a few weeks ago there was stability.

People are responding to my rather unexpected decision to leave my job in very different ways. Some are slightly stunned, although they politely project their horror merely from their eyes and haven’t told me outright that I’m an idiot. However, a little to my surprise (I expected a more, “now be sensible about this…”), and to my unending gratitude, everyone important is behind me completely. They understand how important this jump is to me, and they’re supporting me in every way they can. They’re wonderful, each and every one of them.

So many books, blogs, and other inspirations that I’ve read over the years quote, “Leap, and the net will appear…” I would read this, sigh dramatically, tell myself that was meant for “other” people, and move on to other thoughts.

Now I’ve done it.

I leapt, and I’m praying that the net will appear.