Jiva and Dan on the Rooftops of London

The morning after the Spice of Life shoot with Jiva and Dan, I had a few hours to kill before moving on to my WildAid shoot, so we climbed out of a top story window and did a mini shoot on the Archway rooftops. It was a challenge with the bright sunshine casting harsh shadows (annoyingly I didn’t have my flash with me to help fill in the shadows) but it was a lot of fun and well worth the effort!

Jiva Housden and Dan Bovey, guitarists, on rooftop in London

(Photo taken at ISO 100, f/3.2, 1/1600)

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Jiva and Dan playing at the Spice of Life

In August last year I had the privilege of photographing two talented young guitarists, Jiva Housden and Dan Bovey, at the Spice of Life music venue in London. Jiva and Dan met while at music school together and play beautifully as a duet. Being their photographer made for a lovely evening of good company and good music, what more can you ask for on a shoot?

We arrived in true style by underground.

In Leicester Square underground station

Dan’s on the left here with the shiny shiny shoes, and Jiva’s on the right.

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An evening with Wildaid.

This summer WildAid contacted me, asking whether I would like to photograph one of their events. Last time I worked with them (during the Tiger Gala in March ’11) I met lovely people and made memories I treasure, all while helping in a good cause. I was excited for the opportunity to do a little more to support the charity and happily agreed.

The event in question was a cocktail party hosted at the stunning home of internet entrepreneurs and generous philanthropists, Michael and Xochi Birch, in order to bring several international branches of WildAid together to share news and inspiration.

Wildaid Fundraiser for blog-1

While the stone lions stood guard at the door, preparations were underway inside…

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A British Summer

Man sitting in a Green Park deckchair with an umbrella under rainclouds

Old photo time tonight!

I was walking through Green Park a couple summers ago, and saw this sight, which to me perfectly illustrated Britishness. I love the “it’s summer and I’m using the deckchairs, even if it’s raining” stubbornness, along with the drizzliness that typifies our summer.

I found it this evening and it made me smile, so I thought I would share.

The Tiger Gala

In March I was asked by Wildaid to take photos at the Tiger Gala, a black-tie charity fundraiser hosted by WildaidBorn Free and the Environmental Investigation Agency, three charities working together to highlight the shocking truth about the desperate plight of the wild tiger, and to help raise funds for conservation efforts.

London, Knightsbridge Wildaid tiger gala event PR leaflet

Photographing people, some well-known, all dolled up in their black-tie best, there to enjoy great entertainment and give generously to a touching cause… I was excited about this assignment.

The foyer of the Manderin Oriental Hotel, Knightsbridge, London

(Photo taken at: 1/25, f/1.4, ISO 800)

The venue was the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge. A grand place. The crystal chandeliers in the upper foyer and ballroom were far taller than me (although, as my also-taller-than-me little brother would say, that’s not so difficult..).
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Sophie – Headshots And A Walk In The Park

This week it was like Christmas all over again, x50. I’ve finally been able to replace my stolen lenses! Never again will I take my equipment for granted.. it’s been five days and I’m still giddy with excitement.

So the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the wonderful Sophie to request some headshots for her acting work. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to try out my new lenses, and to have such a lovely model for the afternoon.

Our first stop was the British Museum, where I’ve always wanted to test how the glass roof of the Great Court diffuses the light. I wasn’t disappointed.

Look at the smoothness in the lighting! Like we’re under a giant softbox. Delicious.

Black and white headshot of Sophie sitting looking up at the camera

(Photo taken at 1/250, f/2.2, ISO 100)

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