When the wind blew…

Down by the sea last month the weather was blustery, with wind strong enough to blow the spray sideways off the tops of the waves; whipping it into foamy froth reminiscent of bubble bath and sending it skyward until it reached us where we walked along the clifftops.


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Stop Motion

Last week I began playing with the idea of stop motion videos.

I’m a photographer by passion, but my BA degree is in filmmaking and I miss making things that move, and I’ve decided it’s time to begin blending the two arts. My hope is that if I take regular stop motion videos, I’ll begin to ease myself back into using video as second nature.

Here’s a very rough test clip I took while I was having tea with Becky in Alfriston one afternoon.

After tea we wandered down to the sea and Becky took a couple clips of me – testing for a project we’re planning.

I just cobbled these together, animating them using Lightroom’s slideshow function. Doing it simply like this makes it fun and easy, and I learn as I play. Eventually I’ll go back to using my actual film-editing software, but for now I’m just enjoying watching my pictures move.

A little ray of sunshine…

This week has been cold.

So cold.

The first thing anyone says at the start of the conversation is, “It’s cold!”

But today I found an SD card full of photos from the winter, and what struck me was the amount of sun we seem to have had.

Eastbourne pier in winter sun

Eastbourne in November, as I sat and wrote…

Tea and teacake in an Eastbourne tearoom

And moved inside to bask in the indoor sun when it grew nippy.

The sun across the water, seen from the cliffs at Seaford

Seaford in January, wrapped up all warm.

Portrait with sun flare lighting the frame

And this Saturday.

As I cycle to work tomorrow, I shall pull my scarf up around my ears, put my head down and think of all the sun we’ve had, and the sun that is yet to come. Maybe it will help keep me warm!