A K1000 and an SRT 202 go for a walk in the woods…

Yesterday my new batteries arrived for both of my beautiful old SLRs. One is a Pentax K1000 that was my dad’s, it was the camera that took all of our baby photos, and the other is a wonderful Minolta SRT 202 that I inherited from my granddad. I recently bought an assortment of various expired rolls of film from eBay.

To celebrate my two now-working manual cameras, I went for a walk to the woods to test them out.

I loaded my Pentax with old Fujifilm, which developed with beautiful colours and amazing emerald undertones. While my Minolta had an expired roll of Kodak film, with developed with warmer, softer colours. I can’t wait to play with more types of film so I can see the effects each produces.

Look at these colours!

Purple flowers on garden path, expired Fujifilm, taken with Pentax K1000

(Expired Fujifilm, taken with a Pentax K1000

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