Where In The World Is Matt?

I discovered this video as I was finishing uni. Every now and then, when the stress of my dissertation and the weight of “the rest of my life…” looming over me got too much, I would watch it and challenge myself not to smile once. You know what? I never managed. Sometimes I could make it a full minute before relenting to the absurdity and overwhelming good-naturedness of the concept, but never more than that.

So imagine my excitement the other day when I stumbled across a newish sequel!

A little more co-ordinated; just as much fun.

I hope they brighten your day like they do mine!

What videos inspire you and make you laugh?

Stop Motion

Last week I began playing with the idea of stop motion videos.

I’m a photographer by passion, but my BA degree is in filmmaking and I miss making things that move, and I’ve decided it’s time to begin blending the two arts. My hope is that if I take regular stop motion videos, I’ll begin to ease myself back into using video as second nature.

Here’s a very rough test clip I took while I was having tea with Becky in Alfriston one afternoon.

After tea we wandered down to the sea and Becky took a couple clips of me – testing for a project we’re planning.

I just cobbled these together, animating them using Lightroom’s slideshow function. Doing it simply like this makes it fun and easy, and I learn as I play. Eventually I’ll go back to using my actual film-editing software, but for now I’m just enjoying watching my pictures move.